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Can I Specify What Types Of Quotes I Receive?

Unfortunately the system doesn’t work like that. We have a lot of companies in our system and we take your information into account when matching you with the right agents. If you don’t like the quote you don’t have to accept it. You can call back in and get matched up with a different company.

How Do I Recognize A Good Quote?

Since most insurance companies are practically the same, the main things to look for is the amount of coverage for each item in the quote and how much your total payment is. Look for low deductible with high coverage.

Can I Schedule When I Will Receive Call Backs?

Yes, you can ask the agent to call you back. We understand that you may have things that come up or maybe you don’t have all your paperwork. Doesn’t matter the reason. At any time you can ask to pause the process and have the agent call you back at a time most convenient to you.

Am I Obligated To Accept The Quote?

Of course not. This is a free country. You have no obligation whatsoever to accept any offer provided to you. You can be as picky as you want. If you don’t like one company, feel free to call back and talk to another. It’s that simple!

Do I Get a Discount For Multiple Policies?

Most companies have discounts on a variety of things like having a home or multiple vehicles. Typically these are discounts from their already outrageous prices. With our insurance companies we strive to get you their absolute bottom dollar quote. In some cases that will seem like you don’t get a discount but if you compare their quote to calling a major carrier directly you will see the significant cost savings.

What If I Don’t Qualify?

That is the beauty of our system. If you get turned down, just call back and get another quote from their competitors. It is amazingly efficient. You just call us and we take care of the rest!

Do I Have To Fill Out Forms?

No. Most websites that claim to do what we do make you fill out long complicated forms. We don’t! You simple call us and an agent takes care of all that over the phone. It is simple, easy and only takes around 5 minutes!